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IJMETOnline Volume 5 Issue 2 Decemeber 2015

  • Juli Meliza ; Khaira Amalia Fachrudin ; Arlina Nurbaity Lubis & Isfenti Sadalia

    Article #81: Analysis Of Heuristic, Prospect, Market, And Herding Behavior On Stock Investors Of Medan – Indonesia

  • S.Saravanakumar & V.Vijayalakshmi

    Article #80: Kids’ Parents Preference On Entertainment Event

  • Syaiful Anwar AB

    Article #79: The Evaluation Of Market Development Strategy (Case Study In Bengkulu City-Indonesia)

  • Dr. Trisniarty Adjeng Moelyatie, Dr. Diah Isnaini Asiati & Edy Liswani

    Article #78: Increased Competitiveness of Palembang typical Pempek through Marketing Strategy effectiveness to global market.

  • R.Ramamoorthy, Bharatendra K.Rai, Laura Forker, S.A.Senthil Kumar

    Article #77: Factors Prompting Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Microinsurance in India

  • M.Nithyadevi, Dr.R.Mathivanan

    Article #76: Measures Of Brand Loyalty For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Dalimunthe.R.F., and Siregar. S.H

    Article #75: A Model to Develop and Increase Rattan Products Competitiveness (A Case Study on A Rattan Cooperative) in Medan

  • John Adu Kumi and Jacqueline Mensah

    Article #74: Optimum Age Determination Of Cocoa Rootstocks For Enhancing Cocoa Production: The Agribusiness Perspective

  • Emmanuel Bimpeh, John Adu Kumi, Mary Adu Kumi

    Article #73: Effects of farmer training on productivity of smallholder maize farmers in the Kwahu East district in the eastern region of Ghana

  • V.Kavitha

    Article #72: A Study On The Production And Marketing Of Khandasari Sugur In Erode District

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